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Nessie is a monster who some people say lives in the lake of Loch Ness. No, not green witch - Greenwich.

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The gentry became leaders in what, toward the end of Elizabeth's reign, was an increasingly assertive Parliament. It connects two islands in the UK. As part of the English Reformation —39Henry suppressed the orders of monks and friars and secularized their property.

Edward I began the conquest of Wales and Scotland. Alfred's successors conquered the Danelaw to form a united England, but new Danish invasions late in the 10th cent.

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People from Britain — and from Northern Ireland - are British. For my next birthday I want a plane ticket! London is Europe's foremost financial city. Most households 61 per cent have access to the internet. No, not green witch - Greenwich. Today is a special day. In their need for money the kings stimulated the growth of English towns by selling them charters of liberties.

Some people say they have seen Nessie and even taken a photo of her. On its part, Scotland wished to achieve economic equality with England. In addition, about a quarter of the inhabitants of Wales speak Welsh and there are about 60, speakers of the Scottish form of Gaelic in Scotland. The recurring baronial wars of the 13th cent.

He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon and died in The UK has 13 dependant territories like the Falkland Islands. There were a number of revolts in the early years of the conquest, the most famous being that of Boadicea. AD, Hadrian's Wall was constructed as a northern defense line.Stonehenge is just one of several prehistoric stone circles in Great Britain According to a group of revisionist scholars and literary figures known as “Anti-Stratfordians,” William Shakespeare did not write his famous plays and sonnets at all, but his name was simply a nom de plume.

Devon Facts & Figures Devon is the third largest English county with a population of around million people, the 11th largest county in England by population.

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Exeter is the county town with a population of approximatelyGet all the key facts about the United Kingdom in one place. The InterNations expat guide has all the main facts and figures for expats in the UK. The UK is a country in north-western Europe. It is bordered to the south by the English Channel; to the east by the North Sea; to the west by the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Sep 05,  · Britain's most popular chocolate bar, the Dairy Milk Today, is sold to 30 countries. Five hundred million are produced each year. Shotgun certificates have been issued topeople. Jun 24,  · United Kingdom - Statistics & Facts The United Kingdom (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is a unitary state consisting .

Great britain facts and figures
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